3/2/2016 - Taormina Academy Theatre
Tat ", Taormina Academy Theatre, edited by Indigo Ltd., Taormina Art and Taormina townhouse is the initiative that, through a joint path between protagonists authorities, will create the first school for professional actors linked to the identity of the City Taormina, with its cultural vocation and the need to be able to build a pool of young actors who, in a future of theatrical productions related to the festival, will begin his professional career. Back, then, the protagonist in Taormina theater and an important part of the history of the city that for years was missing. Also provided two grants desired by the Culture Mario D'Agostino. The return of Simona Celi - The idea of ​​Taormina Academy Theatre is Simona Celi, while the artistic direction and teaching of the project and oversee Giancarlo Zanetti. The project is shared and supported by the local administration, through the mayor (and president of the Taormina Arte Committee) Eligio Giardina and the Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Culture Mario D'Agostino, and also is partnered by the Secretary General of Taormina Arte, Ninni Panzera. The school will have a two-year module, and will be aimed at all those who want to make the theater a profession. "We are very pleased with this project - explains Giancarlo Zanetti - because we are confident you will have an interesting development to Taormina and the entire area. Even those working in Taormina Arte will benefit. We will act in the wake of the great European opera houses, such as Syracuse, operating through schools. It will be a school that will serve to the formation also of the theater side figures such as machinists, lighting operators, sound engineers who are deficient. Spazieremo also in the field of dance and song. " "From my experience as artistic director of Taormina Arte (section Theatre) - says Simona Celi - I have always realized that was missing a pool of guys that can give strength to a new path of Taormina Arte and for the city of Taormina in general. It needed a cultural movement that you can always renew and that we aim to be an active role in the interest of this area. Certainly good it is to be considered the idea of ​​the deputy mayor of D'Agostino also set up in this context two scholarships. "