8/4/2016 - Tindari Gabriele Lavia reads Edipo Re
Tindari 13th August "Gabriele Lavia reads Edipo Re " by Sophocles, translated by Salvatore Quasimodo. The show falls into the collaboration undertaken between the Festival tindaritano and Taormina Arte. Ninni Panzera, Taormina Arte Secretary General said at a press conference: "I am happy that you can find a natural place to Tindari Sicily Amphitheater. Overjoyed that Gabriele Lavia with reading of Oedipus the King symbolizing a Union between two strategic locations for the Sicilian culture as Tindari and Taormina. We hope that the future will see strengthen regional Councils increasingly strategic cooperation thanks to tourism and cultural heritage. Together you can attract resources, producing culture and increase tourist values. "